**Note:  These videos are for instructional purposes only, as a graphic training aid for our students who have already received hands-on training with a qualified instructor.  For training purposes, these techniques were performed in a slow, controlled manner to provide training value to our students.  These videos are not intended to be entertainment, nor are they intended as a substitute for safe, professional training with a qualified instructor.

This video library is a small sample of individual techniques, but a large sample of applied principles.**

Basic Controls

Ikkyo    Nikkyo    Sankyo    Yonkyo     Gokkyo    Rokkyo    Shichikyo    Hachikyo    Kukyo

Throwing Sets and Individual Throws


Hip Set    Shoulder Set    Leg Set    

Individual Throws

Kuzure Uki Otoshi    Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi    Kata Guruma    Hanegoshi    Hiza Guruma    

Kani Basami    Tai Otoshi    Kuzure Sumigaeshi    Uchimata    Haraigoshi    Kuchiki Taoshi    

Kuzure Kibishu Gaeshi    Kuzure Kibishu Gaeshi to Morote Gari

Applied Techniques

First Tech Series    Ude Nage    Applied Sumi Gaeshi    Flying Jujigatame    Flying Sankaku Jime

Applied Ippon Seoinage

Karate Kata

Ananku    Empisho    Jion    Pinan Nidan    Pinan Shodan    Wansu (Fast)    Wansu (slow)

Kihon   Taikyoku Ichi   Taikyoku Ni   Taikyoku San  

Grappling Technique/BJJ

Note:  Any differences in technique shown here are my doing, and no negative reflection of the fantastic instruction I have received from my BJJ instructors.