Martial Arts Video Games

We have already brought you on occasion a compilation with the best games fighting games, but today we are going to leave you a selection a little more specific, explicitly dedicated to the games in which martial arts are the protagonists, and which sometimes fall into other genres, with arcade action games or even RPGs. Just as we find some that are very focused on combat and others in which the plot and setting are much more developed, so we have quite a variety to choose from, as you will see.: these are some of the best martial arts games we can find on the App Store and on Google Play.

  1. Mortal Kombat X

It is certainly not a realistic martial arts game or the purest example we could set, but it seems impossible not to include the popular Mortal Kombat X on a list like this. For those who have not yet tried it, suffice it to say that this new delivery of the saga allows us to fight with many of its great protagonists. Although there are also a few new characters, that first we will have to get them to be part of our team and with whom we will have to form groups of 3 for the fight. The multiplayer mode, in which we can show the rest of the world our skills, is here, of course, the big star.

  1. Shadow Fight 2

If there is a martial arts game that you can presume to be even more popular, at least as far as mobile devices are concerned, and that which does not count on the push of belonging to a classic video game saga is Shadow Fight. It is a game that uses the aesthetics of Shadows and silhouettes, something that gives you quite a personality regarding other similar games, but which stands out above all for the achievement of combat mechanics. We will also have the option to customize our hero as we move forward, enhancing some or other abilities.


Indeed, this EA SPORTS UFC does not have the oriental flavor that we usually expect from Martial Arts Games, but the game is inspired, after all, in this Ultimate Fight Championship which is the main competition for what has been called mixed martial arts. If we limit ourselves exclusively to combat, we will not be disappointed at all by the repertoire of blows with which we will be able to test our strength and agility against the different rivals with which we will have to go confronting to get the title.

  1. Taekwondo Game Global Tournament

With an even brighter touch of a sports simulator than the previous one, but not for that reason with less fighting than to enjoy, another option worth taking into account this Taekwondo Game Global Tournament, which gives us the opportunity, in addition, to approach a martial art somewhat less exploited in the world of video games. He follows the rules used in the Olympics, and his punches and movements are very realistic, and, in fact, the individual mode will also lead us to try to win in a tournament only. And if we want more, we can also measure users from all over the world in multiplayer mode.

  1. Kung Fury Street Rage

We can’t end this top 5 without including some of the many games of martial arts (usually Kung Fu, the martial art star of the films of the eighties) of street fighting in the style of the arcade classics, and our recommendation. Although it is not a game particularly popular, is this Kung Fury Street Rage, which, but of course make a special grace to those who the movie will bring memories of your childhood (the voices in the game are those of the actors), but that does not disappoint, in any case, fans of action games in retro style

  1. Jade Empire

The extra on this occasion is for a game that is not only for payment but is relatively expensive(10 euros), exclusive, at least for the moment, for iOS, but that will be worth paying if we are fans of the RPG. Since it is a small jewel of the genre, not very popular but that got great reviews at the time, and that is launched for the first time for mobile devices, following the wake of other classic works of Bioware such as Baldurs Gate or KoTOR. With Jade Empire we will not only have good quality graphics and a careful combat system, but it is also a much more elaborate game than the others on the list in terms of setting and plot.